Thank you all so much for your support in the 2022 Election!

We managed to gain nearly 40% of the votes in House District 35 as of the third printout, nearly double what the last Republican Candidate brought in 

Most likely, any further printouts won't be bringing enough numbers to swing the election in my favor, so I just want to thank everyone who took a risk and supported me. I will continue to strive to improve myself and our community,  so that next time I run, we'll get em for sure! 

In the meantime, I urge everyone to do their best to carry on, helping each other to get through the tough times ahead.

As I've paid for an entire year of this domain, I will be using it as a blog, and an advice column until it expires. 

If things change, I'll update this website with the details.

Welcome to Araki for State House 35

Learn about Josiah Araki and what he stands for.


Hi! My name is Josiah Araki, and I would be honored to serve as your district representative. 

We the People


Please consider donating if you want to support the campaign, but only do so if you are in a financially stable enough position that it won't negatively impact you. 

Any contributions help, as donations under $100 go towards reaching the $1500 milestone to qualify for $2800 in Public funding, effectively tripling those contributions

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